Who's breaking rules in Manitoba?

Check out who has had a permit sanction in Manitoba

The Registrar of Motor Vehicles in Manitoba has posted sanctions on the Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) website.

The public can check out the website if they wish to verify a business doing accepted business practices and complying with the law.

This became available when amendments to The Drivers and Vehicle Act give MPI this authority. Information can now be published about sanctions against permit holders who have failed to comply with the law and accepted business practices.

Who does this affect? The auto dealers and salespeople, automobile and parts recyclers, driver training schools and instructors, inspection stations and mechanics that issue safety certificates for the sale and purchase of used vehicles are included in the permit holders. What is the result of a sanction? It can be the refusal to issue a renewal of the permit all the way to suspension or cancellation of a permit.

When you find a notation on a sanction it will include the name of the permit holders who receive the administrative sanctions, business address and a general statement discussing the infraction.

If you live in Manitoba it would be a good idea to check out the listings under the Consumer Protection heading. Disclosure of wrongdoing is a good thing - it gives you the power of confirming the legal standing of the people you are dealing with. Having control is a nice feeling.