After a vehicle has been in an accident, it is branded to indicate its state of disrepair as one of the following:

Stolen — A vehicle that has been stolen from its owner. Only the police can apply or remove this brand. Until the damage is determined it is not known if this vehicle will be written off or repaired.

Irrepairable — A vehicle that is incapable of safe highway operation, has sustained damage beyond repair and is only used for parts. This vehicle will be a write off.

Salvage — A vehicle that has sustained damage to the point where the cost of fixing it exceeds its cash value prior to the damage. This is another vehicle that will be written off.

Rebuilt — A vehicle that was severely damaged but has been repaired and inspected and met rigorous determined standards. This vehicle may not be written off.

If your vehicle is written off then the next step is negotiating a settlement with the claims adjuster. The adjuster will usually receive a report from an appraiser. Sometimes there is some leeway in the amount, other times there is not. If your vehicle was in excellent condition and you have some proof of this then it is wise to present this proof at this time.

You may take the option to salvage your vehicle. This is when you take the damaged vehicle and a lesser amount paid out on the claim.

Talk to your adjuster about your options. Remember, your broker or agent is not an insurance adjuster. If you are having difficulty they may be able to help you resolve your dilemma but they cannot make a claim determination. It just goes against the rules of insurance.