Is BP underestimating barrels of oil?

In that past we heard that BP was saying that the latest report is "irrelevant". This was the response to the latest internal document released by a senior U.S. congressional democrat.

The estimate of up to 100,000 barrels or 15.9 million litres of oil per day is much higher than the current U.S. government estimate of up to 60,000 barrels or 9.5 million litres flowing into the sea on a daily basis for the ruptured oil well.

The spokesman from BP, Toby Odone, said that the situation would only apply if a blowout preventer is removed. Since there are no plans to remove the blowout preventer he calls the report irrelevant.

As of June 21st, the official first day of summer, it had been 62 days since the start of this tragedy. Do you think that BP is underestimating the amount of oil spilling out into the sea? Can anyone truly foresee the extent of the damage to the environment let alone the fishing industry along the coastline of the four Gulf states?

Now the scientists are concerned about the environmental fallout from the oil that is still below the surface. What is in the sediment? Will it start to kill the marine life and affect the whole eco-system for the Gulf?

When the reports hit the 87th day since the spill started there was still work being done on a permanent seal. This isn't over yet.