Botox weakens all over body muscles

Researchers at the University of Calgary have found some alarming effects from the injections of Botox.

People have been using Botox to smooth out their wrinkles, deal with migraine headache and to give children with cerebral palsy more muscle control. Now there is evidence that the Botox affects more than the muscles in the immediate area of injection.

There will be a study published soon in the Journal of Biomechanics that shows that six months after test rabbits had been given botulinum toxin A (Botox) they experienced muscle atrophy and muscle loss.

At this time the evidence does show that using Botox for treatment for cerebral palsy is still a strong alternative for treating children. It does not appear that using Botox for cosmetic purposes is worth the long-term risk.

Further studies are being done and as more information comes in, TurnersTips will report it to you.