Bodily Injury

This is an injury to the body, sickness or disease sustained by a person, including death resulting from any of these at any time.

Bodily injury claims can be made under your personal policy, such as a person tripping on an uneven sidewalk. This would be defended under your property policy. Any resulting judgement would be paid out to limits as defined in your policy wordings.

Bodily injury can result from an automobile accident and your policy will respond to defend you in a claim because of the car crash. The resulting judgement would be paid out to the limit defined in your policy.

If you are found to be liable in a claim for $2 million and your policy is only for $1 million, then you can expect to be brought into civil court in an attempt to gain the balance of $1 million.

Most brokers or agents will recommend that you have at least $2 million coverage for your property or automobile policies. it is not uncommon to see policies with "umbrella" coverage to extend the limit of liability.

Talk to your broker, agent or risk manager about what you should be considering for protecting yourself in this type of a claim. As always, Turners Tips recommends that you take control of your insurance.