Boats And Seadoos

A boat is a watercraft designed to be used for transport on water for business or pleasure. Usually this water will only be in inlets or coves, more protected-type of coastal areas or on lakes.

A Seadoo is a personal watercraft more for sport or pleasure use.

The Canada Transport Office of Boating and Safety requires that you be licensed to operate a boat. Check out the website here to find a location for you to get your license.

Your property policy will allow coverage for certain watercraft. There will be limits regarding the length of the boat, horsepower (HP) of the motor, whether the motor is inboard or outboard and maximum speed attainable by the unit.

Whether you can get a replacement cost - agreed upon value or an actual cash value payout on your claim is determined by the age and the construction of your boat.

You can purchase a stand-alone policy for physical damage and liability coverage on your boat or seadoo. Many of the insurers who specialize in this field will require some boating experience and/or that the owner be a minimum age, e.g. 21 years-old.

Your boat will likely have a trailer and accessories which might include a Global Positioning System (GPS), oars, life jackets or water ski equipment. Some insurers will restrict the territory limits to just Canada and some will include the USA.

Your agent or broker will likely need to know where you intend to lay up your boat or seadoo during the off-season and where it is moored. You should review your options as to how best insure your boat or seadoo.