Bluetongue deadline June 30

What is Bluetongue? It is an insect-borne non-contagious viral disease that affects sheep and other wildlife.

Canada's sheep farmers now have a proactive tool to manage the growing threat of financial loss due to Bluetongue disease.

Sheep infected with Bluetongue develop a high fever, swelling and lesions around the face and feet. In the severe cases, sheep can die within 7 days of being infected. Mortality can range from 20-50% of the infected animals.

The new Bluetongue Insurance Policy for Sheep has been designed in such a way that producers who have coverage, and have been diagnosed with any of the 25 types of the Bluetongue disease will receive compensation above and beyond Canadian Food Inspection Agency compensation.

This voluntary insurance for Bluetongue disease supplements funding provided to sheep farmers through current government agricultural assistance programs. This program covers producers for mortality; business interruption and consequential loss including drugs and treatment materials.

The commercial insurance program is endorsed by the Canadian Sheep Federation and financially assisted through Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Private Sector Risk Management Partnerships Program.