Blog lawsuit successful

Landmark lawsuit
Google Inc. has to reveal the identity of an anonymous cyber bully who posted offensive comments about a Canadian woman in the Google-owned Blogger service. The blogger posted pictures of the woman with unflattering captions.

It's about the principle
Liskula Cohen is a former fashion model whose credits include appearing on the covers of Australian Vogue and W magazine. Cohen sued Google demanding the Web company hand over the name of an anonymous blogger.

It wasn't money Cohen was after. She wanted only the identity of the person or persons who posted the blog entries. Google did give her the bogger's email address and IP address as a result of her winning the suit.

Turner's Tips respects Google's expressed sympathy for victims of cyber bullying.

Insurance answer
Anyone, even Google, can be sued. We all need to be aware of the need to respect other's privacy and use the Web in a positive way. If you hurt someone with your words then you can be open to a law suit. As mom always said, "if you can't say anything nice then it is better to say nothing at all".