Do you dare to bare on a bike?

Nude bikers were on the road on June 12th. The is part of the World Nude Bike Ride (WNBB) who have a motto, "Bare as you dare!".

People from around the world were riding all types of people-powered methods of transportation including skates, unicycles, bicycles, skateboards or even wheelchairs. This world-wide event is in its fourth year. It is not uncommon for people to write environmental messages on their bodies.

You have to follow the rules in your province or territory about public nudity. You also have to be aware of the bicycling rules of the road. You may be required to wear a helmet even if you don't have to wear other clothing. Some type of protection from insects is also a good idea. Sunscreen, sunglasses and shoes are a good safety consideration. Picture yourself trying to dress for work on Monday with a full body sunburn!

Be aware that lewd behavior can get you arrested so even if you are allowed by law to ride a bike naked you need to be aware that you must behave in a proper manner. This includes your speech.

If you wish to take photographs remember that you must always ask permission. There are privacy laws that must be obeyed.