Bic does not flick

And it saved his life!

A would-be human candle was unsuccessful, in his attempt to light himself on fire. This man is facing charges, after trying to light himself on fire, at Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) office, in Saskatoon recently.

It must have been a terrifying situation, when the 41 year-old Youssef Hajizedeh poured gas over his head and onto his body, while he was waiting in line at the insurance office. He tried to light himself on fire but his lighter, fortunately, did not spark. A quick-thinking man knocked the lighter out of his hand, by hitting Hajizedeh's arm. No one was injured.

Hajizedeh says it all started with an abandoned table. He saw this table, while driving down a highway near Saskatoon. His story is that he stopped to move the table off the road. Another vehicle hit the table, and the driver reported Hajizedeh's license to the authorities.

SGI sent him a letter in September. The letter asked him to file a claim with his insurance company or to contact the office. Hajizadeh says he spoke to a number of SGI representatives, including an adjuster and a manager. He could not convince them, that he was not the owner of the table, and therefore not responsible for the accident.

He said that because of language difficulties, he was not understood, so he threatened to set himself on fire, to get someone to pay attention. He meant this as a protest.

Perhaps they're listening now?