BC smoke creates health concerns

B.C. wildfire smoke is affecting other parts of Canada

When you hear about wildfires you don't stop to consider the effects of the smoke. There are about 300 wildfires burning in B.C. with over a thousand people evacuated from their homes. Wildfires are not uncommon this time of year and the B.C. wildfires are affecting the quality of air for Western Canada.

Calgary reported pollution levels on August 20 2010 that have not been matched since 2003. The sun seems to be a red orb hanging in the sky and the haze makes it look like rain is coming at any moment. It has caused the temperature to drop to an unseasonable low.

Be warned that small children, the elderly and people with pre-existing respiratory conditions could suffer some distress from the poor air quality. Retirement homes are restricting outdoor activities and keeping doors and windows shut. Those with asthma will find that their need to use their puffer increasing.

In Edmonton, Alberta there has been a 20% increase in respiratory complaints at the hospitals. Rain will help to remove the smoke from the air and showers are expected before August 23rd.

If you are experiencing respiratory problems then do contact your local health practitioner.