BC new offroad rules

BC tightens rules for off road vehicles

British Columbia will be phasing in new rules for the drivers of snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, and dirt bikes over the next two years. At this time you can purchase a sled and go off to the back country with your friends without having to insure, register or license the unit.

Each off-road vehicle (ORV) will have the requirements such as being registered and licensed, youth safety, environmental and operators will have to wear helmets. Insurance coverage has to be in place at time of sale and if re-sold.

The regulations will include that all ORV riders using Crown land will need a one-time registration. They need to license plate their machines, use lights at night and wear helmets.

Part of the change includes that young riders have adult supervision and that safety measures be age appropriate.

There has been a great concern about forest fires in BC and the new standards for spark arrestors will help to reduce this risk. Higher standards for mufflers will minimize the noise impact on the wildlife.

License plates will help the park rangers and conservation officers to more readily identify those who are causing damage to sensitive habitats or harassing the wildlife.

The insurance answer

The increased safety measures should help to reduce collision and upset. This will reduce claims and help prevent injuries. As it has been said by Martha Stewart, "this is a good thing".