BC flood watch

News Report November 17, 2009

British Columbia has had massive storms resulting in power losses to thousands of residents. More then 20,000 people are without power in BC and the storms may have contributed to two deaths.

There is a flood watch in force for Vancouver Island and much of the lower mainland. The flooded community of Courtney on Vancouver Island has declared a state of emergency. Roads and bridges were shut down and parts of the community had to be evacuated. This is a result of rivers overflowing their banks.

There is an expectation of further wind and rain. Rainfall of 30 to 90 millimetres is expected. Tofino, which is located on Vancouver Island's west coast received 110 millimetres of rain.

Weather forecasters are expecting that the North Shore mountains, located north of Vancouver on the mainland could get 250 to 300 millimetres of rain.

Some of the side effects are ferry cancellations and highways being closed. People are being advised to put together their 72-hour emergency kits and be prepared for further power outages.

Overland water damage is not normally covered under your home insurance policies. What usually occurs in this type of situation is that the government steps in to assist people who cannot avoid damage to their property.

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