BC drivers piling up the tickets

British Columbia now has the toughest laws for speeding and impaired driving in the country. The police are writing tickets in droves and impounding vehicles left, right and centre.

From September 20 to October 10 2010 the total has reach 1,400 penalties for impaired driving and 435 penalties for excess speeding. That's just three weeks worth!

The police are also giving tickets for drivers using hand-held electronic devices such as cell phones. In the first six months they have issued 20,000 tickets. That's a lot of tickets.

Part of the new rules in B.C. is the tightening up of the impounding of vehicles for the impaired or speeding driver. On top of the tickets the police have impounded over 1,200 vehicles from impaired drivers and over 400 vehicles from excessive speeders.

A new driver lost his car to the impound and was fined $468 when he was stopped in late November 2010. He was driving 205 kmh in a 110 kmh zone this week on Vancouver Island. The charge is excessive speeding and failing to produce a driver's license.

What we don't know yet is the affect that this is having on accidents, particularly injury car crashes. That information will filter down over time. TurnersTips will keep you informed. In the meantime, slow down in B.C. and do not drink and drive.