BC rules hands-free cells

BC will ban hand-held devices in 2010
British Columbia is bringing in a hand-held devices ban effective January 1, 2010. Drivers will be fined $167 effective February 1, 2010 if texting, e-mailing or talking into a hand-held cellphone.

This is an effort to prevent drivers from using the hand-held version of their phone and switch to hands-free. Our research has shown that you can purchase a "Bluetooth" for under $30 which will adapt to most phones.

There was a study done at Western Washington University where they "sent in the clown" to test reactions of people talking on cellphones and those who were not. Only 25% of the cellphone users paid attention to a clown whose attire was a yellow and purple polka dot suit complete with big, floppy shoes and riding a unicycle.

The percentage was higher for people who were not talking on cellphones with 51-71% of the people taking note of the clown.

Hand-held cellphones are banned in Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario, Nova Scotia and Quebec. In Alberta only Strathcona County has restricted hand-held cellphone use. There is a ban suggested and the legislature will consider it this fall. Many business-owners are taking a no-phone stand for their employees while driving vehicles. An accident occurs while you are on the cellphone then termination will follow.

The insurance answer
Drivers who talk, e-mail and text while holding their cellphones are not paying attention. Their lack of attention can lead to accidents. To reduce accidents and save lives the cellphone use must be limited.