Green light for avalanche warning

Thinking of heading into the back country?

The first thing you should do is check the Canadian Avalanche centre website. This site will give you the facts on avalanche warnings whether it be alpine, treeline and below treeline elevations.

We need to stop needless deaths due to avalanche whether it be skiers or back country snowmobiling. The federal government and the provincial governments are working together to produce a new system which will give international standard icons in avalanche warnings.

So take the time to check the centre before you head to the high country. If you cause an avalanche to occur it might not just be your life but also your friend's that is lost. Think ahead and be prepared.

Be aware that not all provinces require that you have insurance on your sled. If you have bought insurance then you will have coverage to repair or replace the damaged sled. As well it would pay to airlift out a rider stranded in the back country. You also would have liability in case of accidental injury to person or property while riding your sled.