Bathtub sub injures boys' genital area

Bathtub Sub Toy by Munchkin, Inc. product recalled

October 6, 2008 the Munchkin Bathtub Sub toy, which is a yellow and orange battery-operated motorized submarine has been recalled. The toy has a smiling face, green windows, an orange propeller, and an orange periscope that turns the toy on and off. It is intended for use by children during bath time.

You can tell if your is part of the recall by the packaging in which the recalled toy was sold. Check for the following:

  • UPC 7-35282-10643-9;
  • Serial number MCKGF-3159;
  • Item number 10643.

What is the danger?

The intake valve on the bottom of the submarine toy can suck up any loose skin. This can pose minor laceration and abrasion hazards to users.

Health Canada has received two complaints related to minor laceration of the genital area of young boys when the children played with the product in the bath tub. In addition Munchkin, Inc. has received 19 complaints relating to the same hazard.

Be advised that the reported incidents did not require medical attention. Munchkin, Inc. wants to communicate this unforeseen hazard to the Canadian public so that incidents of this nature do not continue to occur.

What do I do?
You should stop using the recalled toy and contact Munchkin, Inc. for further details.

You can get more information by contacting Munchkin Inc. toll-free at 1-877-242-3134 or visit the Munchkin website.

The 4,260 toys were sold at specialty stores in Canada and Wal-Mart from January 2010 to September 2010.

These bathtub toys were manufactured in China under Munchkin Inc. of North Hills, California.