What will I get paid for baseball cards?

Baseball cards, hockey cards and other sports memorabilia. It can be very expensive and very delicate.

A fire, flood or other damage, including a spilled cup of coffee could damage your collection. Is it going to be covered under your insurance?

First off, which insurance policy would you need? The insurance help you are looking for is a property policy such as a tenants, homeowners or condominium. If you go for the comprehensive form then only the items that are specifically denied in the wordings are not covered. So that cup of coffee would be a valid claim.

How much are your individual cards and the collection as a whole worth? Have you ever had it appraised? Do you have the collection documented?

You will have to provide some sort of proof that you owned this collection. So with this in mind you might start looking for appraisals. You can check out the Canadian Hockey Hall of Fame website. You can also go to a coin and stamp shop for advice.

Document, document, document! The better the proof you have of what you owned then the better the chance that you will get the replacement you are looking for. Gmail has some great filing capabilities or you can scan cards, receipts and pictures and put them on a data stick.

Part of the claims process is your completing a proof of loss. You will have to declare what you have, when you purchased it and what the current replacement cost is today. If you keep these records in an accessible spot then you will have a great deal less difficulty preparing your claim.

So if you have a good list and a good idea of what the value is of your collection then talk to your broker or agent. Sometimes the insurance companies put limits on what they will pay for claims involving theft or mysterious disappearance. Know your choices. Take control of your insurance.