I got a bad tattoo. Can I sue?

My tattoo sucks! I don't like how it was done and they won't fix it. Can I sue?

This doesn't happen very often. A reputable tattoo shop will prepare artwork for your review. You meet with the tattoo artist and together will decide on the size, colour and content of your tattoo. Sometimes this takes a few meetings until both you and the tattoo artist are feeling good about going ahead.

Next you will receive a waiver document. This document spells out in very clear language that the tattoo artist nor the tattoo shop will be held liable if you develop hepatitis, AIDs or any other physical problem as a result of the tattoo. This is explained clearly to you. Of course, any reputable shop is going to have a very sterile working station and the risk is low.

Perhaps you need to consider a "cover". If the ink you had done is not something you want to live with for the rest of your life then a good tattoo artist may be able to design something that will go over top or disguise the original art. This is done when someone gets a name tattooed on them only to find out that the relationship is not permanent.

You should talk to the artist that did the work. Let them know that you made a mistake. You have to take ownership on this. You chose the design. You had it done. You need to get it changed at your cost. Choose the next design carefully.