Can I sue my hairdresser?

Bad haircut? You could not sue your hairdresser for a bad haircut unless there is a degree of negligence.

If you are declaring that the haircut is so bad that it has actually injured you then you will have to show how. If you are a TV announcer and your hairdresser gave you a haircut so bad that it affected your ability to appear on the air then that could be a possible lawsuit.

There are not many situations where this would apply though. Usually a bad haircut grows out pretty quickly. The other issue is the "eye of the beholder". What you think is terrible might not look near so bad to another.

Cut by the scissors? That is a different situation again. If your hairdresser is using scissors and cuts something other then your hair then yes, this is an injury. Hairdressers have very sharp scissors and they could do quite a bit of damage. This is one of the reasons why a hairdresser undergoes education and practical training to perform their work.

Insurance advice

Cut off an ear? Yes, you would be presenting a claim against that hairdresser. Most hairdressers have professional liability as they are well aware that accidents can and do happen.