My baby is teething - what is safe to do?

Teething babies and remedies

Everyone is suffering? Mom and dad are not getting much rest because baby is cutting teeth. A common reaction is to use necklaces that are sold to help prevent or reduce the pain of teething. Health Canada advises that parents should avoid using these necklaces.

What is the danger?

There is a chance that the necklace could release a small piece. This is a choking risk to young children. The necklace could catch on a piece of furniture or another object resulting in the child strangling.

Parents are cautioned to never place a chain, ribbon, necklace, or string of any kind on a child under three years of age. If you keep these items away from children you will help prevent the risk of choking or strangulation.

Here are some Safety Tips from Health Canada:

Do not give young children any item that can be placed or wrapped around their neck. Instead choose to help with teething pain in young children by using:

  • Teething rings
  • Gentle gum massages
  • Always supervise young children.

Not only watch that the products you buy for your children are age-appropriate but use your common sense. If that inner voice is telling you that you might be making a mistake, then listen! Not all packaging is correctly done. Help to protect your family by checking updates on TurnersTips for product recalls and safety advisories. We care.