Drop side crib product safety recall

On July 19, 2011 Drop-side cribs by Dutailier have been recalled.

This recall involves drop-side cribs manufactured by Dutailier. The affected cribs have the following model numbers ending with 01-94.

  • E1230C2
  • E3500C2
  • E3540C2
  • E5100C2
  • E5140C2
  • E5530C2
  • E9000C2
  • E9100C2

What is the danger?

The slats of the drop-side can detach from the top and bottom rails after repeated use.

The Dutailier Group has reported a case concerning the slats detaching from the rail. There was no report of injury.

At time of the recall Health Canada has received no complaints or incidents about the affected cribs.

What should I do?

You should carefully examine the drop-side rail hardware for any signs of damage. If you determine that the drop-side hardware is broken, loose, missing, or deformed or that there are any other reasons for concern, you should immediately stop using the recalled crib and find an alternative safe sleeping environment for your baby.

Concerned consumers are instructed to contact the Dutailier Group as of August 8th, 2011 to receive a free repair kit. For more information or to order a repair kit, consumers may communicate with the Dutailier Group at 1-800-363-9817.

How many were sold and where?

Approximately 313 drop-side cribs were sold across Canada. The recalled cribs were sold from January 2009 through February 2010.

These recalled cribs were manufactured in China. The manufacturer is DongYing Shenghui Woodenware Co. Ltd, of DongYing, Shandong, China. The distributor is Groupe Dutailier of St-Pie, Qu├ębec.

Insurance Answer

Good risk management with a focus on quality control should help prevent most claims. When a situation like this does occur then the cost of the product recall can be addressed through an insurance policy. If there is deemed to be a higher risk of injury then you often will see a higher than usual deductible for claims resulting from product injury.

Take control of your insurance. Talk to your broker or agent.