Away from your premises exclusion

Pollution coverage is often excluded from your Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy. There are a few exceptions to the denial. One of these is the Away From Your Premises Exclusion.

This exception which brings in the insurance company to pay on claims will apply to the off premises locations. It can affect an insured or any contractor or subcontractor working on the insured’s behalf and who is performing operations.

This exclusion of the pollution coverage applies only when the pollutant has been brought to the location by the insured or the contractor or subcontractor and is done in connection with the operations that are being performed.

For the contractor who now is facing a lawsuit for bodily injury or property damage because of a resulting pollution claim, the contractor's CGL will give coverage as long as the pollutants were not not brought onto the premises by the insured or someone who was working for the insured.