Autoplus is an information database used by underwriters to determine the driving record of an individual. This particular database, has claims information and length of time that an individual had insurance, with a particular company. It also can give information as to cancellations and other drivers, on a particular policy.

The insurance companies submit the information to the site. Your information is based on what as been recorded under your drivers license. Information can be incorrectly entered, or the information may not be complete. If this occurs, then the individual will need to request a claim and experience letter from prior insurance company as needed.

Autoplus is often restricted to a particular province. So if you move from one province to another, it is wise to bring with you, the relevant information as to your driving history, and a copy of a current abstract.

Some agents and brokers have access to Autoplus. This can be helpful in giving you an accurate quote, for your automobile insurance policy.