An automobile is any self-propelled land motor vehicle, a trailer or semi-trailer (including any machinery, equipment or apparatus attached to the trailer or semi-trailer), which is designed to transport people or property on public roads.

Automobile policies are required if you want to provide coverage for the risk of fire or other physical damage. It is a common expectation that if your vehicle is parked in your garage and there is a claim resulting from a fire that the house insurance policy will pay the claim. It will not.

Automobiles need to be insured under automobile policies. There are some special policies for an antique or classic vehicle. Motorcycles can also be on a special policy or added to your existing vehicle policy. An All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) or snowmobile can usually be added to your personal or commercial policy.

The determining factor is what name is on the registration? Whomever owns the vehicle has to be the named insured on the policy. The use of the vehicle will decide if the vehicle is to be rated commercial or personal. The drivers of the vehicle will also help determine how much.

You must provide all information regarding the vehicle, the drivers and the use of the vehicles when you make an application for insurance. You must also keep the information up-to-date after you get your policy. This is one of those situations where "ignorance is no excuse" and you could find yourself without the necessary coverage.

Discuss this with your agent or broker to be sure that you are correctly insured.