My ATV overturned crossing river

You are out in the woods with your buddies, having some fun on the ATVs. You cross a creek and something goes wrong. Next thing you know, you've overturned and damaged your unit. Now what?

Most ATV insurance policies will have the SEF 9 which limits coverage on any claims to do with water. If your policy does have this endorsement then you will not be paid for damage to your ATV while crossing the river.

This endorsement will stop payment for your damage if it happens while you are on ice and it breaks and your ATV goes into the water. It also would apply if you were crossing a river and ran into a log jam or suffered some other form of physical damage to your unit.

With this limitation you are now "self insured" for losses that occur on muskeg. This is one reason why you want to wait for the muskeg to freeze solid before you would take your ATV across.

Check with your insurance broker or agent about this specific endorsement on your policy. Control your insurance.