At Fault

An "at fault" car accident could be the result of:

  • Losing control of your vehicle on an icy road and sliding into a ditch.
  • Driving into the back of the vehicle in front of you - rear end.
  • Losing control due to high speed and hitting a telephone pole.
  • Hitting a pot hole on the road and damaging the under carriage of the vehicle.
  • Hitting a rock, bale of hay or other such object on the road.
  • Drive through an intersection and "t-bone" another vehicle.
  • Head on impact when you change lanes and hit oncoming vehicle.
  • Many other situations where you have broken the rules of the road and/or lost control of your vehicle.

Usually you are at fault if there is an accident when you are making a left turn. One of the few exceptions to this would be if the other vehicle had run a red light.

In Canada the only provinces that do not have a "fault" system are Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Quebec. So in every other province someone has to be at fault. Driving down the road and hit black ice? You are at fault. Lose control due to heavy fog conditions and steer off the road and into the ditch? Again, you are at fault.

One way to protect your driving record is to be sure that your policy has accident forgiveness. This means that the first accident is a "freebie". Talk to your agent or broker to be sure that you have the coverage. If you do not qualify for it it, find out when you do and then ask for it.