Are you working too much?

Are you spending too much time at work?

Work/life balance is one of the new "buzz" words. There is a huge concern about keeping work and home life in balance.

The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) has a quick test you can take to see where you are at. Here is the link to answer the questions and get a rating on your answers.

The other set of questions that you might find interesting is how does the management strive to help employees keep their work and home life in balance. Unfortunately there is not a rating for this one. How would you answer these questions?

1. Do managers receive training about how to support their staff to achieve work/life balance?

2. Are your employees familiar with the policies and programs available to help with work/life balance?

3. Does your organization provide flexible hours to help employees balance their responsibilities at work and at home?

4. Do your managers encourage staff to stay home with sick children or elderly relatives when necessary?

5. Does your organization have a method to track employees’ satisfaction with their work/life balance?