Are you a working student?

Are you going to school full time and then working a part-time job? Do you work a job and go to school part-time? Is your studying done through correspondence or online? Are you sitting and doing modules late at night while the kids are sleeping? Are you burdened by stress?

We're trying to find ways to get our education and keep debt under control. Most will find that this is not easy.

More than 55% of university or college students say they have to work during the school year so that they can pay necessary bills. Unfortunately about 75% of the students will have this drain on their time negatively impact their grades.

Learning to budget is an important part of the adult experience and students are no exception. Only about half of the post-secondary students use budgets to try and control their spending.

How do many manage to deal with the demands of school and control debt? Surveys have shown that about 45% will rely on their parents to give financial assistance and they expect to graduate debt-free.

About half of the students will be looking for a job. Over a third of the students feel that even working will not provide enough money for their needs and they will have to economize.

Most students feel that worrying about money impacts their grades and overall scholastic performance.

So where can you get money? Almost half of the students plan on working through the summer and using that savings during the school year. About 40% are applying for scholarships and bursaries. Mom and dad are expected to be the source of funds for almost 40% without working for additional funds.

With the cost of tuition steadily rising it does appear that more students will end up working and that some who have the desire to attend school will have to find alternative ways to gain their education.