Are you prepared for an emergency?

The beginning of May is the start of Emergency Preparedness Week in Canada. Are you prepared for an emergency?

Canadian Underwriter magazine reports that less then 50% of Canadians are adequately prepared for disasters such as extended blackouts, wildfires or hurricanes.

People are aware that it can happen. More then half of the respondents admitted that they expect a major emergency within the next decade, yet only 42% are prepared for an emergency event.

Where you live seems to impact the level of concern. People living in the Atlantic region responded with 66% being worried about a potential emergency occurring within the next 10 years, and 57% emphasize that preparedness is very important. In Alberta, the response was quite different with 12% expecting an emergency within the next 10 years. Interestingly, 87% agreed that preparedness is important.

Albertans (50%) and respondents from Quebec (51%), admit to being unprepared. Ontario (33%) and Atlantic Canada (37%), did much better with the people who admit to not being prepared.

How do you get ready for an emergency event? Having an emergency preparedness kit is the answer from 40%, while 19% have developed an emergency plan. Have you discussed the planning and being prepared in your family? Less then 1/3 of the respondents answered, "yes". Have you taken preventative steps to protect your home from water damage? Do you know if you have sewer back-up coverage on your home insurance? Most people do not know what their insurance will or will not cover.

Atlantic Canada is the most prepared with over half the respondents saying "yes" to having an emergency kit. Almost 50% have discussed emergency planning with their families.

Being prepared is not just for Boy Scouts - look into your options.