Are you overloaded at work?

Are you struggling to get all that work done?

It seems to be commonplace now. Layoffs happened when the economy was on the downturn and we're not seeing that quick recovery. Employees were not replaced quickly enough and the result is even more of the staff have left.

There you are, with paper up to your eyeballs. Some suggestions that you might consider that will help include:

  • What is most important? Think in terms of important and then urgent. Do important and urgent first. Do not allow yourself to get distracted by small tasks. Put that one item in front of you and do nothing else until it is completed.
  • Reward yourself. You need to pat yourself on the back now and then. When you have completed a demanding task then take a minute. Stretch or take a quick walk around the office area. You've earned that few minutes - enjoy them.
  • Remember the Pareto principle. 20% of certain work will reap 80% of the rewards. Choose how to spend your time and push the low return, high energy jobs to the back. Perhaps you can get get rid of them altogether.
  • Ask for help when you need it. Sometimes it can be something quite simple that will free you up to do your more important task. If you are your own boss then you may have to recruit a family member. If you are an employee then ask the boss for thoughts on how to get you some help.

Long-term work overload is stressful. It is bad for your health. It is depressing. As the situation continues you will become less productive and the whole things gets more and more unpleasant. Find a solution to your problem.