Are you happy with your home insurance?

Are you happy with your home insurance?

How do you measure happiness with home insurance? Surveys that have been done show that most people are concerned about the following:

  • Interaction
  • Billing/payment
  • Claims
  • Policy offerings
  • Price

Did you talk to your broker or agent about your policy this year? Did you feel comfortable in the discussion and have a feeling of control?

Consumers have been surveyed and there is some unhappiness in the prices going up and less communication with the insurance company and/or broker and agent.

If prices of houses have gone down then why does the insurance value of my house keep going up? The discussions about actual cost of reconstruction vs market price can be confusing and often not well understood.

Consumers are feeling less satisfied with their home insurance then last year. It could be in part that the brokers and agents have done a good job. If your policy was rewritten last year and all your discounts are "maxed out" then you may not have any changes this year. You are at the best spot you can be.

If you do have any questions about your insurance then call and get your answers. Your broker or agent is there to give you advice. Your needs are important and should be addressed. Get the help you need.