Are you Generation Standby?

Who is Generation Standby?

If you do not have a land line at home and regularly answer your cell phone at work for personal calls then you fit this description. Also are included others who carry out their social or private tasks at work.

You are more likely to be in this group if you are between 25 and 34 years-old. In this group 57% of those surveyed in the UK stated that they do personal tasks such as checking their social networks, online shopping and email and work. It is interesting to note that 66% of that group say that they make up this time by working through their lunch or putting in extra hours.

Of the group that mix their home and work life on the job over 20% would not accept a job if they were not allowed to access their social networks or do personal email during their working day.

The results of the survey showed the following:

  • Checking social networking sites: 48% men vs 36% of women
  • Checking personal email: 69% of men vs 54% of women
  • Shopping online: 34% of men vs 20% of women

When the employees are willing to be flexible when it comes to longer hours or different hours, there is an expectation of reward. Some of these rewards include:

  • Being trusted to manage their own time and being allowed to use the internet as they wish - 79%
  • Being able to access social networking or web content from their work computer for personal reasons - 62% of employees and 51% of managers

It is interesting to note that the concern that this shift in working culture has issues about trust, new technologies, relationships between employer and employee and control issues.

So when you use company time to do home "work" are you part of the majority who pay it back by skipping that break or coming in a bit early?