Are speed limits set too low?

Do you go over the speed limit when you drive? Many normally law-abiding people speed. It seems to be an acceptable thing to do.

If you have been a firefighter or an emergency medical technician then it is not likely that you will speed. Once you have attended injury and fatal car crashes, your attitude changes. Drinking and driving are out of the question. Speeding just isn't worth it.

Many ordinary people feel that the speed limit is set too low. Many people feel that the speed limits are unreasonable without a realistic basis for what is required. On top of that it is usual that if the speed limit is 80 then you can comfortably drive 90 and the 10 km/h limit seems to spread upward from there.

What speed do you go when proceeding down a city lane? Children could pop out at any time.

This is not the playground, school zone or construction site restrictions. This is the speed you drive on a highway or divided road while commuting across the city. If you are running late, does your foot push down further on that pedal?

Children have been hit and killed while standing by the road waiting for their school bus or just by being at the side of a rural road. Speed plays a factor in these accidents. The faster you go, the less time you have to react in a bad situation.

Driving down the road in the summer time can be dangerous. You can only control your own actions. Do think carefully about your speed. The driver in front, behind or across from you may be distracted, speeding or worse yet, impaired. Be prepared to react and give yourself the space to do so safely.

Not only are speeding tickets expensive but many insurance companies will charge you more money, even with just one speeding ticket. it's all about awareness and making the right choices. It does pay in the long run.