Jerome the giraffe on his knees

Jerome the giraffe passed away during surgery on his overgrown hooves. The SPCA say that the Crown should have laid animal cruelty charges against the private zoo in Langley, B.C.

Jerome was forced to kneel because it hurt him too much to stand tall. This caused his knees to bleed. After a veterinarian examined Jerome it was determined that surgery had to be done or he would pass away within a week. Unfortunately Jerome did not survive the surgery.

SPCA officials have said that the Mountain View Conservation and Breeding Centre should have been charged for neglect. The Crown has responded that the Centre did take the necessary steps and so will not proceed.

The directors and officers of the Centre may be held accountable for a perceived error or omission on not having Jerome's hooves dealt with at an earlier date. The bad publicity may result in a drop in the earnings and possibly threaten the on going operation of the Centre. If the Centre purchased Director's and Officers Liability coverage then this could address any judgment. This coverage would also include the necessary funds for legal counsel who may have already been involved and helped to establish the defense position.

It would be a negative effect in our environmental efforts if we lost a conservation and breeding centre. Jerome's situation is very sad but hopefully it will serve as a warning for other zoos to be mindful of the condition of hooves for their giraffes in captivity.