Am I Covered If I Buy A New Vehicle?

Your new car is covered by your existing auto insurance policy as a temporary replacement or newly acquired vehicle as defined in your auto insurance policy wordings BUT only coverage as specified on your previous vehicle.

What does this mean? What if you get into an accident getting home from the dealership? You need to know about the restrictions as to the length of time this extension will apply. Check your wordings or ask about this limitation with your broker or agent.

So the best thing to do is get in touch with your broker or agent and have the coverage in place for the moment you buy your new vehicle. You may want to talk about glass insurance or changing what you had from that older vehicle. This new vehicle may qualify for a waiver of depreciation or other special insurance that was not available for the the last car you owned.

If your province or territory has a "failure to produce proof of insurance" ticketing in place then you would likely receive a ticket unless you have notified your insurance agent or broker and have a liability card for your substitute or newly purchased vehicle. Most insurance companies do not regard this type of ticket as a "moving violation". It still can be rather expensive and the police might impound your vehicle.

It is always best to discuss your situation with your agent or broker and have the documentation ready for examination by civil authority.

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