Alberta protecting firefighters

Protection from law suits
Firefighters in Alberta have been sued in court for damages, after there is a large fire loss. The insurance companies have sued the individual fire departments and the cities or municipalities, for losses in the millions.

The claims are usually settled out of court, but there is a loss of man-hours for firefighters who should not be put into this position. You and I, the taxpayers, are the ones who end up paying the bill, when the fire departments are found liable.

Thomas Lukaszuk, an Edmonton MLA, introduced Bill 49, as an amendment to the Municipal Government Act. It is heartening to see that all the opposition parties spoke in favour of the bill in parliament.

Everyone is happy to see the firefighter arrive on the scene. The risk that they take is not to be undervalued. A firefighter is respected by everyone. The idea that a firefighter puts his/her life on the line for our protection, and then can be sued later is just not reasonable.

The insurance answer
This bill was drafted with input from the Insurance Bureau of Canada. It is a good thing, when the focus is on letting firefighters do their job without the worry of a lawsuit hanging over their head. Do remember, many firefighters are volunteers. Would you put your life on the line? Would you want to lose everything you have worked so hard for, as a result of your dedication? We, at Turner's Tips, heartily support Bill 49.