Alberta Minimum Coverage

Alberta minimum coverage as defined by the Insurance Bureau of Canada states the following information: Minimum required auto insurance coverage in Alberta as of February 8, 2008.

There is a minimum amount of insurance you need to have in order to register your car in Alberta. When you buy the minimum, you are entitled to the following:

If you are found to be responsible for a car crash and are sued for injuring or killing someone or damaging their property, your insurance company covers you for up to $200,000 of a legal settlement or court award against you. If you are sued for both injury and property damage and the total claim is more than $200,000, your insurance company will pay no more than $10,000 for the property damage portion.

(If you did not have insurance and somebody sued you, you would be responsible for paying all of this yourself.)

If you are injured in a car crash:

You are entitled to the following benefits, regardless of who is responsible:

If you need medical care: Your insurance company will pay your medical bills up to $50,000 per person for surgery, chiropractic, dental work, hospital stays, psychological, physical, occupational and/or massage therapy, acupuncture, professional nursing, ambulance and other necessary services.

The following per-person limits for individual services also apply:

* chiropractic: $750
* massage therapy: $250
* acupuncture: $250

If your injury is a minor strain or sprain, as defined in the Diagnostic and Treatment Protocol Regulation, you will likely be treated according to the standards set out in this regulation. These standards for dealing with minor injuries have been proven to get crash victims back to their normal lives sooner.

You can find the Diagnostic and Treatment Protocol Regulation on the website of the Queen’s Printer.

If your injury causes you to miss work: Your insurance company will reimburse you 80% of your average before-tax weekly pay for the period you are unable to work (up to 104 weeks), but will not pay more than $400 per week. You can begin to receive this benefit after seven days of disability, but you will not be paid for these first seven days.

If you are killed in a car crash: Regardless of who is responsible, your family* is entitled to a sum of money. The exact amount depends on your age, the number of dependents you have and your status in the family. Your family is also entitled to up to $400 per family for grief counseling and $5,000 is available for funeral expenses.

Suing the responsible driver: If you believe another driver is responsible for your injuries and/or for damage to your property, you (or your family) may decide to sue that driver for compensation above and beyond the limits outlined above. You may also make a claim against him or her for your pain and suffering. If the crash was in Alberta and your injuries are considered minor, the amount you can get for pain and suffering is no longer capped at $4,144. If your injuries are not considered minor, this limit is not an issue.

If you want more than the minimum coverage: In addition to the minimum coverage listed above, you may choose to buy additional auto insurance coverage to cover theft, vandalism or other damage to your car. You also have the option to buy higher limits on some of the coverage listed above.

  • For the purposes of this benefit, this means the people living permanently in your house, related or not.