Alberta Hutterites photo ruling

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled 4-3 that a Hutterite community in southern Alberta must have a digital photo on their driver licenses. This provincal rule is a way to help prevent identity theft.

Now the Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) is considering this decision.

The Hutterite colony, the Brethren of Wilson Colony, east of Lethbridge, Alberta, presented their argument that having their picture taken violates the Bible's second commandment: "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image." The Hutterites are a Christian group who live according to a strict religious code. The code is based on the Ten Commandments and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Saskatchewan allows that people with religious objections can apply for an exemption allowing them to carry a driver's license without a photograph.

If a person had a letter from the colony leader stating that they should be exempt from a photograph then this is how the licensing would be done at the present time in Saskatchewan. What is being done in Alberta does not necessarily apply to Saskatchewan.

Alberta requires that you must have a valid driver's license, current insurance and a bill of sale to register a vehicle. To drive a vehicle you need a valid driver's license, current insurance and registration.

The insurance answer is that a vehicle must have a qualified operator on the insurance application.