Flood costs in Alberta over $65 million

The June 2010 flood in Southeast Alberta is going to have a big price tag. So far 11 homes have been condemned.

Imagine being told that your home cannot be rebuilt. The water damage to your inside property and the resulting mold would destroy many personal items that cannot be replaced. Your valuable papers and records could be very difficult to restore. Add to that trauma the fact that most of your neighbours and friends in the community are going through the same thing.

The estimates are reaching $65 million which will include restoring roads, bridges, homes and utilities. Livestock and crops were lost and farm outbuildings destroyed. More then 400 homes were affected by the flood.

If you have suffered damage then you contact your insurance agent or broker to file a claim. Flood is not usually covered but you need to go through the process of getting your claim denied to be able to qualify for the government funding.