The Alberta Government Automobile Insurance Rate Board (AIRB) is an important part of the automobile reform in Alberta. The board has members from the general public, the insurance industry, government and the legal profession.

This is part of the GRID system which reduces the cost of insurance for certain types of drivers. Examples would include males under the age of 25 and people who may have been licensed for a number of years but do not have an insurance history. These premiums affect the PLPD (liability) portion of your insurance. So when you read of a 5% rate discount do not estimate a 5% total reduction.

Part of the reform is that only in certain circumstances can an insurance company refuse to give a person insurance. This "take all comers rule" can result in a significant savings for a person. Examples would include a driving record with two accidents, a number of tickets or a fragmented driving history.

Talk to your agent or broker if you have questions about market availability or choices for your automobile insurance.