Air Canada liable for baggage?

Gabor Lukacs got mad. He is a 26 year-old Winnipeg assistant professor of mathematics at the University of Manitoba. He who fought the airline's policy of not being responsible for damaged or delayed baggage.

Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) ruled against Air Canada and this is a big decision for passengers. If you have not purchased the extra insurance for baggage coverage then you would be making a claim under your home insurance. You likely have a $500 deductible and a claim will affect your discounts.

Lukacs filed a complaint with the CTA over the airline's policy of not being responsible for the delayed or damaged baggage.

The mid-May decision is that Air Canada's rules violate both international conventions and Canadian law, and must be changed within 90 days.

Air Canada's spokeswoman Isabelle Arthur says the airline is currently reviewing the ruling and is not in a position to offer comment.

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