Afraid to take time off?

The new economy has brought many changes. One of them is that going on vacation doesn't mean that you stop checking into the office, often on a daily basis.

There was a survey done recently of advertising and marketing executives that showed 30% will check into the office at least once a day while they are on vacation. This is up from 2007 when it was only 19% that were that concerned about the status quo. In 2001 it was even less, 11% who felt the need.

Of course, part of the change has to be that cell phones and the BlackBerry-type of mobile make it easier for people to make a quick connection with the office when away. What is a concern is that people want to stay more visible. They are nervous about being away, even when on their vacation.

There is only about 8% of the executives who stated they did not feel it necessary to check into the office. Many of these would be the top level, the ones who do the firing, not receive the pink slip. Of the executives who were surveyed it was found that another 1/3 said they will touch base with their co-workers two to three times a week.

So if you want to stay out of touch then turn off that phone. If you are nervous and cannot enjoy your vacation without some contact with the office then you have the technology.