An adjuster is a person who determines if the insurance policy will be covered and to what degree in an insurance claim. An adjuster examines the situation and co-ordinates the appraisals and final payout of the claims.

The adjuster can appoint an appraiser who is an employee of the insurance company or independently retained by the insurance company. Your agent or broker does not have the authority to make a decision regarding a claim but can be a valuable resource in helping you communicate with your adjuster and/or appraiser.

If your claim is for an automobile accident then you could have two adjusters looking after your file. One adjuster looks after the vehicle damage portion and the other will look after your injury claim.

If your insurance company has appointed an independent adjuster to handle your claim for property damage then this person has to complete a report. This information is then reviewed by your insurance company so in effect you could have two adjusters. An offer of repair or replacement is made and you either accept or attempt to negotiate.

Do ask your broker or agent for help if you are experiencing any difficulty with your claim. They can refer you to the right person to get things back on track. Do be aware that once claims become involved with legal counsel in regards to lawsuits then the adjuster will be limited to what they can do.

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