Additional Insured

An additional insured is a party who has an interest in insurance being in place by the owner of the policy. It can also be someone who has a specific interest on a portion of the insurance. The policy document will show this information. If the policy is cancelled, lapsed or not renewed then notice is automatically sent to this interested party by Canada Post to the last known mailing address.

Additional Insureds could include the lien holder on a piece of equipment, the lessor for your debit machine such as "Moneris" or a specific company that requires being named on your insurance policy. If a renovation contractor is installing new cupboards at a commercial building he may be required to produce a Certificate of Insurance. The building owners could be specified and that the job is new cupboards for offices.

It is important to note that the insurance coverage is limited to the specific item or operation named and not the overall policy.

The additional insured does not have the right to make changes to the policy.

If you have to add an additional insured to your policy then contact your agent or broker.