Accidental Death/Dismemberment

An accidental death benefit that also provides coverage for dismemberment, such as loss of a limb, eyesight, or hearing.

This is a 24/7 type of coverage whereas WCB limits coverage to while on the job.

This type of insurance is often offered by retail stores, banks, credit unions and the like, at a lower price then the usual life insurance. This is because it is less likely you will die from an accident, then an illness. So the risk is less, and the premiums are lower.

Some people are paying for this type of insurance on their credit cards, or through their banks, without realizing it is part of the cost of their monthly fees.

It is a good idea to examine your billings, to see what "extras" are being included. Be sure that you understand all the charges listed. If you do not, then call the customer service department to find out.

If you want to purchase this type of coverage to cover a number of outstanding accounts, then it is likely less expensive to purchase a lump sum from one provider. Talk to your agent or broker.