An accident is unintentional, not the result of the deliberate intent of the insured. This is an event that happens by chance and is not normally expected. This brings harm to people, damages property or equipment, and can cause a loss of productivity or a process.

Certain claims such as a wrongful dismissal charge brought before the Human Rights Commission, is not deemed to be accidental. This is a deliberate act that would have special Management Liability insurance.

A "Slip and Fall" type accident on your business premises, should be immediately reported to your insurer, with full documentation of the event. You can do this directly or through your agent or broker.

You purchased automobile insurance to pay for the financial losses due to claims, which are future and accidental. An accident claim which has already occurred or which is deliberate, will be denied.

You need to be aware of certain things to do and not do, at the time of an automobile accident. Do not ever take a picture of a person who is injured. You could take a picture of the vehicle if you choose, but it may not be used in evidence.

It is important that you get the other driver's information. If there is a witness, then do get their name and phone number.

Do not admit liability - it is human nature to think that you could have done something to prevent the situation, even if that is not true. Call your agent, broker or insurance company.

You must report any vehicle accidents which reach a certain value, to the local authority (police). Check with your local police station as to your requirements.