An abstract is your tickets, convictions and suspension record for a certain period of time under your driver's license.

This statement summarizes the essential facts contained in a document or record. This is also referred to as a MVR. This is the record an insurance underwriter will request when processing a new application or a renewal of an existing automobile policy.

Often an employer will request that potential employees provide an abstract with their resume. If you are adding a driver to your commercial policy, then your employee will have to give authorization to have this information gathered. An employer will do this as part of his automobile safety program - each year, abstracts will be pulled for all drivers on the insurance policy.

If you have a series of tickets or a major or serious conviction, then it can result in an increase in premiums or, at worst, a denial of that employee's right-to-drive.

There is agencies that deal with fighting tickets, reducing more serious or major tickets or even delaying the ticket, to help control a person's insurance rates. If you find yourself in this situation, then you should research your options. Surcharges are applied for multiple tickets and certain types of convictions.

Talk to your broker or agent about your situation. Some companies are more lenient then others, in the rating for tickets.