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Whether you need advice on a complicated claim, or you just want to know what depreciation means, we have the information you need, in a format you can easily access. At TurnersTips, our goal is to provide you with intelligent, current, professional service, of the highest caliber.

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Our founder was Dave Turner. Dave had worked his entire career in most segments of the general insurance industry.

He started his career in the junior ranks of the former Guardian Insurance Company and 48 years later, has pretty much touched all the bases, having been Company President and Chief Operating Officer for one of the larger Western Canadian Insurance companies at that time.

He achieved his Fellow of the Insurance Institute of Canada (FIIC) and worked at senior corporation positions, finalizing his career with 15 years in the brokerage position.

For a number of years, he also taught evening classes for the Insurance Institute of Canada at Mount Royal College in Calgary.

Dave passed away September 21, 2013. He will be sorely missed.

Heather Roberts has been a broker in the industry for 20 years. As a broker, part of her job is to be aware of the ongoing changes to the insurance industry. A lifelong learner, she has a strong commitment to continuing education and self-development.

Heather has worked with the Insurance Brokers Association of Alberta (IBAA), on insurance programs and pilot projects.

Her credentials include:

  • Level 1 and 2 General Insurance License (Alberta)
  • Accident and Sickness License (Alberta)
  • Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker (CAIB) 2000
  • Canadian Professional Insurance Broker (CPIB) 2007
  • Canadian Professional Sales Association (CSP) 2007

TurnersTips original art and cartooning is provided by Jesse Ratson. Jesse grew up in Churchill, Manitoba where he was inspired by the land known for polar bears and northern lights. Comic books were a large part of his artistic influence in his early years. His unique style evolved from this mix of the natural and the fantasy world. His artistic skills range from logo and tattoo design, vehicle detailing, pencil sketches, cartooning and acrylic painting.

The Canadian insurance regulators and advisory councils provide the regulations and authority on insurance in Canada. Turner's Tips will reference their expert advice, and direct you to these web sites as needed.

The office of TurnersTips is located:

111 Fifth Avenue
Strathmore, Alberta
Canada T1P 1B7

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