10 worst jobs for 2011

Newsweek has named the 10 worst jobs for 2011. Is your job on this list? Do you agree with the positioning?

  1. Roustabout - Working on an oil rig is a tough and dangerous job. The roughnecks do the maintenance work and this is a high stress job with a lot of physical labor. At the beginning of 2011 there are not great hiring prospects. Unfortunately this job has made #1 two years in a row.
  2. Ironworker - This is who builds the places where we work. The high physical demands of this job put it in this number two spot.
  3. Lumberjack - This job requires a lot of heavy lifting, working with sharp objects and dealing with other workplace stresses. "I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay" may be the song but this work has small reward as salaries are not great.
  4. Roofer - This is another job that requires a lot of physical labor. It can be very hot and the hours can be long. There is always a risk of fall and subsequent injury.
  5. Taxi Driver - A taxi driver is stuck in his vehicle dealing with everything from the sickly drunk to the risk of holdup. Unfortunately taxi drivers have the lowest salary of anyone on this 10 worst jobs list.
  6. Emergency Medical Technician - An EMT goes though constant technical training. This job has a huge stress factor and often requires physical labor with long hours.
  7. Welder - Welders work with potentially dangerous equipment. There is a risk of fire and/or explosion. This is why welders appear on this list.
  8. Painter - Painters have work that can be tedious. The big negative factors are that there are some health risks which include the dust from sanding and toxic fumes.
  9. Meter Reader - Meter readers spend a lot of time walking. This type of work does not lead to many job prospects as eventually all meter reading functions will be mechanized and meter readers will no longer be necessary.
  10. Construction Worker - There is a big physical labor component in this job and workplace stresses can be significant. The salary is often lower than other jobs on this 10 Worst Jobs list but the good news is that there is likely to be lots of jobs in this field this year.